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tweet tweet August 17, 2009

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Now I’m getting into Twitter. I watched a repeat of Meet the Press with a group of Twitterers today, and gained a few followers.

Heady with this success, I proceeded to follow about 50 comics and various well-known personalities, none of whom will be impressed.

Apparently, I’m looking for new and different ways to procrastinate! I really like getting on there during certain shows or events though, I like sorting through the real time reaction.

I watched Kevin Spacey showing Twitter to David Letterman on his show the other night. He sent a tweet while talking to him. I have to say I like this newish medium.

I’ve been a social-networking Luddite up until recently, though. Trying out my grumpy old lady stance.

It looks like I’ll be posting in 140 character paragraphs from now on. 🙂


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