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Goodbye TV, hello Facebook July 13, 2009

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Long time, no posts.

I thought I was being so conscientious, by recently deciding to turn off my television service about a month before school starts, so that I would be more focused, getting a head start on my required reading, and so forth. No more watching Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow twice in a row, to catch what I missed before. No more falling asleep while the TV blares away across the room, wasting energy.

Then it occurred to me, maybe my niece was right, she says she is always on Facebook – she urged me to join, so we could be in better touch. Even though I’m more or less allergic to social networking sites, maybe it would help with school contacts? I am going to be doing distance learning, so the more avenues to stay in touch with folks down in Greensboro, the better.

It couldn’t be so bad. I did join back in the early 2000’s. I avoided MySpace like the plague though. Just call me Granny Intertubes.

Hours of time, and sixty posted, tagged, and captioned photos later, I can see what my new distraction is going to be! My friend Michele said get used to it… the site has a pretty cool interface, when it is working properly, but former web geek that I am, I had to explore all of the different settings, views, options, etc. to see what I could break… software QA tester at heart.

Needless to say, it looks like I’ve replaced one time-waster with another… ah well. This modern world of interfacing through intertubes.