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Inaugural Schwag January 5, 2009

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I bought several shipments of Obama merchandise during the campaign, but that was used to stock information tables and other events that we had here in Floyd County. So I was feeling a little schwag-deprived, since I gave away or sold most everything I had purchased, until I found the Inauguration Store today online.

Uh oh! More commemorative goodies only available for a limited time!

What a nice mug!

the inaugural seal

There’s a wide variety of Obama paraphernalia available at Inaugural Collectibles, which is linked from the 2009 inauguration website. Instead of Tigereye Designs, the new vendor seems to be Financial Innovations, a company which has been the “official licensed merchandise vendor from 1980-2008 for every Democratic National Convention, and Democratic Presidential candidate”. Hmm. So maybe they did do the merchandise during the campaign?

Anyway, hopefully they will be able to send the stuff out faster, as there was a lot of nail-biting over the shipment delays while we were volunteering. Hey, I need to have my official presidential knit beanie cap ready to wear while I watch the festivities! What can I say, it’s chilly in front of my TV.

Here are some highlighted items from the site:


Our soon-to-be President


For the ladies!


A unique gift


I can see Stephen Colbert wearing these.


A cute retro toy

Any images used in this post are courtesy of the Inaugural Collectibles website. Please visit the site for more info.


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