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Happy Christmas and Holidays December 21, 2008

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While taking calls for work this season, I noticed that some people seemed offended when I said “Happy Holidays” to them at the end of the call.  They usually respond with “Merry Christmas”, in a slightly scolding manner.  Although I use the phrase “Happy Holidays” in an attempt to be inclusive of all the world’s religions, apparently, some people still don’t feel included by that phrase.  So I spontaneously started using “Happy Christmas and Holidays” last night, to see what response that might get.  Tee hee hee.

Since my holiday card printout formatting didn’t work out so well, I’m sending out greetings to everyone this way this year.  Warmest wishes to everyone this season!  Georgie

I hope this card finds you and yours happy and healthy this holiday season.  I’ve moved to a new place in Willis, VA with my new dog, Bodie.

Me and Bodie

Me and Bodie


I’m working for a well-known retail shopping network, taking calls in my home office.  It’s nice working at home, and the company has good benefits.  My dad is feeling some better now, after completing cancer treatment in April.  Since last fall, I devoted many hours to collecting signatures, making phone calls, and distributing materials for the Obama campaign.  I plan on continuing to volunteer for various worthy causes in the upcoming year.  Best of luck to you in 2009.


One Response to “Happy Christmas and Holidays”

  1. jim bier Says:

    thanks for the update.

    I’m on facebook. use my new email address, please. the ferrum one is not so dependable since mostly garbage comes in there.

    since i’m not working, there’s a good chance you’d find me if you drop by while in the area. will be gone to Nicaragua for third time in three years from 1/5 – 1/25/2009.

    – jim bier

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